Todd Fleury

Todd Fleury

– Owner/Harvey Baits


Baits- Brick Glide

Skinny Brick Glide

Camelback Glide

Skinny Camelback Glide

The Hero Maker -jointed 

The Drop Belly Crank The 9”, 11” and 13” Javelin Dive/Rise Bait

A few years back I wanted to do some repaints on some of my favorite baits that have been “chewed” too many times.  In doing some research on how to “finish” them after painting, I stumbled on some videos on how to create your own. I’ve always enjoyed projects, DIY stuff, and woodworking so I thought I’d give it a go.  I made a few baits for myself and fellow friends who chase toothy critters.  And lo-and behold – they worked!  My brother-in-law invited me to join The Muskie Flea Market and I started listing/selling baits on that site.  The Harvey Baits brand has grown incrementally over the years.  I am humbled by the support of new and returning customers.

I love my occupation (Associate Pastor) but that occupation requires I work on Sundays. Combine that with the fact I live in Kansas City, MO and I have very limited time and access to waters that hold muskies.  I do sneak away a time or two to chase muskies in MN and Canada each year, but making baits helps me stay close to a sport I really enjoy even though I’m not on the water as much as I’d like.  No regrets!  I’ll make up time on the water when I retire.

Side note: Many have asked where the name Harvey came from.  My late grandpa on my mom’s side was named Harvey.  He also was a pastor for many years in Milwaukee, WI.  He was my hero!  So each bait is made with pride in remembrance of him.  This little hobby has also created some revenue that wasn’t there in the past and I am very aware of the blessing.  Harvey Baits has been fortunate enough in the past to work with other great bait builders and painters in raising support for church missions work and global humanitarian needs our local church supports.  Since the inception of Harvey Baits we have raised over $9000 for such needs.  And moving forward – a minimum of 10% of all revenue will get funneled back into the local church and/or mission type projects.  I say it often, but it is so true….what a super fun hobby!


  • 6 Years of building and painting baits
  • Lasting Legacy Fundraisers
  • Bait making time is also family time!
  • His middle son (Drew) helps seal baits at home in the garage for $10 an hour
  • Daughter Anika helps him foil the baits for $1 per lure
“Making custom musky baits is both a hobby and passion of mine. The action of the bait will catch the fish, but the detail in the paint and eyes is what sets “custom baits” apart from “mass produced baits”. I have worked with many suppliers and Matt Pelletier at Dead Meat Customs is one of the best.
It’s one thing to get unique and custom eyes – yet it is another thing to “be in the lab” and even help CREATE!!!!!! I have been afforded that luxury a number of times. The personal touch Matt gives and extra time given to my “custom eye needs” is what puts him head and shoulders above the pack.
If you need standard walleye eyes, red ear sunfish eyes or even your logo in the pupil – then Matt is your guy.”
-Todd Fleury