Mammoth Custom Lures

David & Ben Alano

Brothers/Owners- Mammoth Custom Lures



Lil Runt Rager

Racket Raiser

9″ Depth Changer-two piece

6.5″ Depth Changer-Two piece.

Custom carpentry is our trade and fishing is our greatest passion. When you put the two together you get high quality hand crafted lures. We absolutely love designing baits that get eaten by big predatory fish. One of the most rewarding things in the world is to have myself or better yet a customer catch a giant and share it with me.

Making baits was just one of those things that came natural and the love for it happend on day one. Engineering bait designs and painting were hidden gifts that revealed themselves after a couple years of hard work making lures. What keeps us going is the customer support which we are beyond thankful for!


  • 8 years building painting baits
  • Selling lures to every continent except Antarctica.
  • Most rewarding part of lure building is hearing the success from our customers.
  • Biggest recorded musky on a mammoth bait is 54.5″ by Nik White.

“Best eyes on the market! Matt’s ability to create eyes to what you envision is truly impressive. Great customer service as well!”

-Ben Albano