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About Dead Meat Customs

About Dead Meat Customs!

My name is Matt Pelletier, I own DMC and make/design/produce/package/and ship all the products you see here. Honestly, Dead Meat Customs all started by accident. Originally it was a hobby for me to make custom eyes for the flies I was tying. But when I got into building baits I really got excited about being able to customize eye designs for those also. During the winter of 2017 I made a batch of custom eyes for a builder other than myself. Since then I haven’t looked back and I’ve continued making eyes daily. It’s been awesome meeting these amazing people online that build and tie outstanding works of art! One day I hope to be able to say I have meet and fished with ALL of you!

During a fishing trip targeting tiger muskies I pulled out a bait I had recently built and with fingers crossed, made the first cast. As I started working the bait back I got excited because she swam so well and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “THAT’S DEAD MEAT”. Almost immediately I recognized I had a cool name for my small brand… Let’s have some fun with this!

My home and DMC headquarters is in the wonderful Land of Enchantment! Albuquerque New Mexico is where I was born and raised. If you’re thinking that city sounds familiar, yes this is where Breaking Bad was filmed. BUT think back to your childhood… Remember the town Bugs Bunny was supposed to turn left in? Yep that’s the same Albuquerque! I’ve always been a fish bum. I use gear or fly to target tiger muskies, pike, walleye, trout and whatever else can keep me connected to the great outdoors. I am also a fishing guide and have been fortunate enough to teach people how to fish since 2012 while operating FE Guides. I live and breath fishing so it’s an honor to make eyes for such amazing builders! Then, to get to turn around and use some of my customers builds with DMC eyes on them here on my fish… priceless!! Thanks for supporting me and other small businesses. The folks running them are passionate and pouring their blood, sweat, tears, heart, soul, time, and money into their projects!

Matt Pelletier

My Mission

To create eyes that make builders excited about the way their bait looks after they’ve attached my eyes to their work. To stand by my product if anyone should ever have any issues, as I work to resolve them until every customer is 100% satisfied with my products. Last but not least is, creating/painting lures that not only look awesome but swim properly and catch fish!


DMC eyes are most often used by lure builders and fly tiers. However they’re also used as a means of adding a touch of flare or branding to the butt caps of custom fishing rods!

Dead Meat Customs are one of a kind eye designs that you wont see anywhere else. Designed from scratch, I make each and every one of them by hand. Once complete they are high gloss, 3/D, rigid eyes with adhesive backing. With several options for backing I can provide just about any look you want to achieve!
My products are NOT sold in stores, but made to order instead.


On occasion, small batches of custom lures and repaints will be available here and on the DMC Facebook page. I am also open to repainting baits you want refinished but know that eye orders take priority over any paint work. Contact me if you’d like to start a custom design for an eye or just have questions.


I love designing stuff and rally dig coming up with apparel for guys to wear out on the water. The DMC line of clothing is something I hope to make available on a constant basis. New designs are always in the works but if you have something awesome in mind, I’m all eyes and ears!

Customer Service

For me customer service is all about an attitude. I’m beyond thrilled to work with folks designing custom eyes for their baits and it truly is a humbling experience working with all of you!. As a one man operation, I feel it’s important to have a personal relationship with my customers. I truly enjoy working with you designing the exact eyes you need so, I WILL NOT have an online order system. I do not take payment in advance for orders either. I feel we as builders have a certain level of respect for each other and the work necessary to make our art come to life. So I appreciate your patience as your order is being processed and also thank you for fulfilling your order payment once it’s complete.

Eye Designs




I'm so thankful to have finally found some eyes to take my baits to another level! I can easily say you have the best eyes in the baitmaking world! You're killin it dude!


Builder/Painter, MadTown Lures